Seiko 6309-7049 $350 shipped US

3 months ago
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West Coast

For sale is my 6309-7049 Suwa from January of 1978. Overall in fair to good condition for it's age. It is not a pristine example, but it is far from being a beater. As far as I know all original EXCEPT the glass (correct frosted side installed, aftermarket) and I was told the hands were aftermarket. Movement was serviced early this year by a forum member, and the watch keeps excellent time. Watch will come with the pictured Dal1bp that was used lightly. I did soak it in warm water, so there is a curvature on it.
NOTE: Right above the date window there is a faint "rub mark" I can't quite describe it, but it's only visible under certain lighting. I tried my best to capture it in the pictures (hence the strong lighting in one of them, to show the contrast) It seems to be rubbed, and the "matte-ness" is slightly different than the rest of the dial. Maybe it could be cleaned off simply by rodico, I don't know. Not really keen on opening it up just to try.
Asking price is $350 via paypal, NET to me please. International +$20. I prefer to sell instead of trade, as I am trying to fund another purchase (aren't we all?)
Private sale. No returns please. Plrease review all pictures carefully. If you have questions please ask.
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