One-of-a-Kind Yamaha GTS1000AE with $diety's own pile of accessories

about 4 years ago
FS: One-of-a-Kind Yamaha GTS1000AE with $diety's own pile of accessories
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Yamaha sold the GTS in the USA for only two years, but wearing a thirteen grand price tag, they weren't that popular. Shame though, since the bike was way ahead of it's time with a fuel-injected and retuned FZR1000 motor, ABS, and James Parker's wild RADD front end. The forkless front looked odd, but offered significant improvements in stability, turning, and braking over a conventional setup. The Barber museum has one, and even the Guggenheim displays one as part of the epic Art of the Motorcycle exhibit. But that's all for a ho-hum normal GTS.
Sporting the rear end from a third-generation VFR , this GTS is truly the only one like it in the world. The rear end was re-engineered by a master machinist when the bike was almost new (1995). Since then, the original owner has put tens of thousands of buttery smooth miles on this bike. When the rear shock was replaced with a 3-way adjustable Ohlins with a remote reservoir and lowered a few years ago, a bit of headshake was introduced.
All of the other suspension & travel components were gone through and confirmed to be in good shape and well-adjusted. I purchased the bike from the original owner and restored the bike to the stock ride height with custom dog bones made with a former AMA Pro mechanic, restoring almost all of the bike's stability.
All that's needed is minor tuning at this point, but I have other projects calling my attention.
I do not have complete maintenance records for the bike before I owned it, but it was formerly owned by the proprietor of a local big-4 dealership and maintained by the shop. Has mostly sat in my care except for a few short trips; oil changed annually and fuel stabilized, bike otherwise maintained exclusively on a tender.
Bike Specifications and installed accessories:
- 1002cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 20-valve Genesis I-4
- 102 HP @ 9000 RPM
- Top Speed @ 140 MPH (I've heard)
- 5-spd transmission
- RADD Single Sided Front Swingarm w/ Variable Preload, Compression & Rebound Damping, 116mm Wheel Travel
- Single 330mm Front Disc w/ 6 Piston Calipers
- Stainless Steel Exhaust System
- Electronic Fuel Injection
- Working ABS
- Factory pannier mounts (two sets of panniers included - see below)
- Throttlemeister
- L-P Speedscreen tinted touring screen
- Ohlins 3-way adjustable rear shock w/ remote reservoir
- Sparkly Marvin the Martian sticker to let people know who's boss
"But wait there's more!"
In addition to the bike, I also have $Deity's own pile of unobtanium Yamaha GTS1000 accessories and spares, easily worth $2500 alone:
- Spare OEM rear wheel (17" x 5.5") PLUS many OEM parts from rear-end conversion: clean brake disc, complete caliper and mounting bracket; rear drive sprocket and wheel cover/parts; axle & fasteners
- Two (2x) complete sets of OEM Krauser luggage
- OEM narrow "commuter" panniers
- OEM wide "touring" panniers (right bag has been repaired)
- PLUS spare Krauser luggage mounting kit (in addition to kit already installed on bike)
- Spare OEM Camshaft in box
- Spare OEM headlight in brand-new condition
- Corbin leather seat with backrest
- Spare shocks:
- Ohlins Shock Type 46HRC, YA828
- Works Performance 3-way adjustable shock with remote reservoir
- Spare OEM Front shock
- Misc OEM and replaced suspension components
- Spare OEM ignition module
- Custom-engineered high/back touring bars - similar to Helis, but nicer
- Two (2x) sets of OEM handlebars and a set of spare clip-ons
- Left/front turn signal cover (light rash)
- OEM Yamaha Service manual
- OEM Honda 1990 VFR750 Service manual (for rear end) lots and lots of spare fasteners, spacers, levers, and bar ends in adorable little Yamaha/ziploc bags. You will never see a bike like this and this amount of accessories in one place ever again.
$4500. Clean title, currently registered/insured. Test rides only with cash in hand, you know how it goes. Bike and all accessories are located in San Rafael, CA.