2011 Triumph Sprint GT 1050 ABS

about 3 years ago
2011 Triumph Sprint GT 1050 ABS
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Napa, CA

The time has come for me to let my sport touring bus go for something smaller.
I am the third owner of this GT; purchased in September. I wanted to replace my Ninja 650 with something more heavy duty for 2 up touring, and the GT fit the bill perfectly. It will take you anywhere with pavement, and will get you there comfortably, all while maintaining sportiness. The triple power plants that Triumph makes are undoubtedly some of the best around, and this one is no exception.
Mileage: 24,187 miles (will go up for weekend rides)
Condition: Never down, great condition. A few tiny rock chips from, you know, riding the damn thing. Never has given a single issue whatsoever, and has been the most reliable machine I have ever owned. Comes with OEM keyed/color matched hard bags. I'm still on the fence about the Givi top case coming with it. If that box will fit on my new bike, then I'll keep it. Open for negotiation. That V46 also has the Givi backrest, which my exgf can certainly tell you is amazing. I have compiled all the service records from the previous owners and myself on a note document, and will happily provide this so you know what's been done to it when.
*Remus Hexacone Carbon Fiber slip on (stock exhaust wasn't included)
*Mondo Moto MM10 aux lights
*OEM Grip wamers
*OEM Carbon Fiber tank pad
*Powerbronze windscreen (stock included)
*Comes with both standard seat and low seat (standard currently installed)
*ProOiler auto chain oiler w/ GPS option (never need to do chain maintenance again!)
*R&G Frame sliders
*R&G Front/Rear Axle sliders
*Ebay adjustable levers (stock levers included but at the closest adjustment point are still too far for most to even reach)
*.5" Genmar Bar risers
*Micro USB charger ran up near bars for use with Ram mount
*battery tender lead
*techspec tank grips
*Givi top box adapter (mounts a v46)
*ECU reflashed with "FrankenTune" from Chris Coote on Triumph Rat. It now runs on 91 instead of 89, but now has more power, smoother throttle, and massively increased range. I am getting about 260 a tank. I will include the cable required to put the stock tune back on if you desire, but this is better in every single way.
$8,400 w/o V46
$8,575 w/ V46 (if I decide to not keep it)
The typical no test rides without fill cash in my hand / you drop it you buy it stuff. If you have any questions, just let me know.