Free 1997 Suzuki GSX 600 Katana in San Jose

3 months ago
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Bay Area Riders Forum
San Jose

Would any barfer want a free project bike?
Then come on by and tow her away!
I really could use the space for a new bike
Bike: 1997 Suzuki GSX 600 Katana
Price: Free!
Title: Clean CA "in hand with 1 key"
Condition: Not running, rollable though
Failed attempt at saving a bike my friend gave me.
The Katana ran, but poorly when i took over.
Is missing a few things to be a completed bike.
No headlights, gauges, battery.
You'll need to source a few bolts for the seat, fuel tank mount, and clutch cover as well.
1-Stock carb, airbox, and exhaust.
My guess is it'll need a carb cleaning to run smoothly again.
2- New harness installed, but is untested.
Old harness was a jumbled mess with cuts and unnecessary splices.
3- Will attempt to wipe her down a bit, but no promises