Wrecked 2007 Honda CBR 600rr

over 2 years ago
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Not your typical wreck. My buddy was coming back from a track day and as he was slowing down for the toll booth for the GG bridge the lady behind him was looking for her Fastrak thingy and didn't notice the stopped cars in front of her and plowed into him, smashing his CBR, trailer and totaling his Mini.
He had the thing towed to my yard because it was cheaper than to take it down to where he lives on the Peninsula.
He's decided he doesn't want to rebuild it and asked me to sell it.
No sure of the extent of the damage, but the subframe is definitely bent.
Front wheel looks dented as well.
You could go get the frame checked out and see if the forks/frame are good but being sold as a parts bike.
It's been stored outside but under a cover since November.
$1200 OBO