Lightweight motorcycle trailer near new DIRT cheap

over 3 years ago
Lightweight motorcycle trailer near new DIRT cheap
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Bay Area Riders Forum
San Francisco and Lake County

$145 This is a great inexpensive and lightweight trailer for someone with a small car looking to occasionally get to the track or OHV parks without making a big investment.
Bought, assembled the trailer, and built a wood motorcycle rail this past month on my recent road trip. Needed to trailer a motorcycle 2,000 miles home from the midwest behind a Mini Cooper.
I already have a 4x8 folding motorcycle trailer and certainly dont need or have the space for a second trailer.
Purchased and built it as it was cheaper than renting a uhaul trailer.
Can be towed by virtually any car within reason.
140lbs, one person can easily tip it on it's side or end for convenient storage.
$145 and can be delivered any Wednesday evening in the immediate Bay Area or you pick up in Lake County.
Needs to go ASAP!
The trailer -
Haul-Master brand (sold by Harbor Freight)
40"x49" utility
4.80/4.00 8" tires
870lb capacity
weighs roughly 140lbs
grease nipples installed in hubs for easy maintenance
Oaklandf4i special custom built motorcycle rail
Can remove before delivery if buyer wishes to purchase there own metal rail.
Worked great over 2,000 miles for me.
Did not install the side marker lights or fenders and do not have them.
Trailer has not been titled.
Will come with the original certificate of origin from the manufacturer for titling in California just like any other new trailer.
Will come with a spare tire mounted on a rim, and an additional spare tire without rim.
I have used this brand trailer (my 4x8 folding) for a couple of decades hauling sport and dirtbikes, often with tiny cars.
Nothing but success if maintained properly.
NO, they ARE NOT THE EQUAL of a Kendon or other heavy duty trailers.
But they are a fraction of the cost and very light opening up the options for tow vehicles and making storage a breeze.
I've got decades of experience with them, they do work, and replacement parts are readily available.
Full disclosure - 1800 miles into my trip (Reno), I let one sides lugs get loose by not checking them.
The loose lugs enlarged the rims holes and damaged the lug studs.
The shop did a poor job of installing the new lug studs from Napa auto parts and damaged the spare rim as seen in the lug holes pictured.
Arriving home I purchased another new rim/tire and correctly set the lug studs.
The rim will work perfect as the spare.
Hub and lug studs are perfect.
For the money, you arent going to find anything cheaper.
This is turn key and ready to go!