2015 Streetfighter 848, fully sorted

12 months ago
Factory Bike
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Nashville, TN, USA

Testing the waters of possibly selling my SF 848. I am the original owner and have the title in hand. Current mileage is 16,850, but will go up some.
Service history: 15K service done in Dec 18. Everything up to date, with documentation of all the factory service work. Bike is clean and lives indoors. Battery replaced Feb 19.
Engine: Full Termi exhaust with the DB killers that I modified (see photo) for additional flow/sound. Fairly loud, but not like it is with no DB killers.
Rexxar Tuner with modified airbox (see photo) and BMC filter. Bike has always had very good fueling/throttle response.
Oberon clutch slave cylinder
520 chain conversion with Superlite sprocket carrier, current gearing 15/44 (+2 from stock on the rear), installed at 15K.
Suspension: Ohlins rear shock/ride height adjuster from a 1098S. Purchased from a forum member who had it rebuilt by Kyle racing.
Front forks race prepped with Traxxion Dynamics AK20 fork kit. All work on the forks themselves done at Traxxion Dynamics. Adjustable Rebound/Compression/Preload.
Suspension set up for a 185# rider
Brakes: I replaced the front Brembo P4 calipers with M4s. If you are familiar with the P4 shortcomings (fade/lack of feel/pulsing), then you you know why I changed them.
Speigler Braided lines with Vesrah RJL pads.
Body: Sargent seat with a DP solo tail section. I also have both stock seats
Black LSL superbike bars
DP windscreen
Farkle: I'm not real big on the "shiny stuff", but I have added things that I think are more functional than stock.
Rizoma pegs, exhaust foot guards, and mirrors
Carbon World shorty rear hugger
R&G Tail tidy and exhaust hanger
DP LED turn signals
CNC Racing radiator guards
Motovation frame sliders
All stock parts included
My location on my profile is accurate
I can upload more photos if there is something in particular you want to see.