1977 Honda CB750 Cafe project

2 months ago
Atlas Honda
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Bay Area Riders Forum
San Jose

Got another unfinished project here, its very close to running.
Carbs aren't delivering fuel to the engine, but she will crank over with good compression. huge fuel leak from 4th carb down the " slightly above maybe?" pilot screw.
Bike: 1977 Honda CB750F k7
Title: Clean CA, current reg 2021 stickers on license plate.
Condition: Not running " Cranks though"
Location: San Jose
Price: asking $2200 obo
Will include any parts I have left over.
Not counting what is already on the bike, new uncut wire harness, starter relay, ignition switch, front brake switch, oil pressure switch, neutral switch.
Non LiPo rectifier and regulator " LiPo specific one is installed at the moment"
Various electric trays
Professionally lined fuel tank.
Left over bondo filled emblem area.
hence the painters tape on the tank.
General electric Nighthawk LED headlight
New tires
Has a Carpys 4 to 1 exhaust.
K&N filter pods.
Rejetted to 135 mains, 42 secondary, and cleaned idle jets.
Has been rebuilt twice now, but leaks from 4th carb. I've given up now.
Will update parts list as I catalogue everything..
But I will include 2-3 boxes of stuff for this project.
Spare electric trays, random mounts for things, turn signals, all good stuff.
What you will need to source..
1- Fuel tank lid and lock.
2- Needs a new speedo cable " I have 1 too short and 1 too long.
Both will be included"
3-Shorter Choke cable.
Other cons..
This is a project in every way.
There is a dent near the engine cradle area of the frame, and a slight bend to the air filter lip area of the 4th carb.
admitting fault here, as I listened to forum members using a ratchet strap to mount the carbs..
I know I know.. I realized you don't need that, but too little too late.
the rear subframe is cut, still needs a finishing bar for a clean look.
And Has holes drilled near the electric tray areas. May need to be filled but looks structurally fine.
Some engine case bolts are rusted shut.
I replaced what I could but some others are stripped and rounded off, or will need some miracle extraction method.