2013/15 Aprilia Tuono/RSV4 (SoCal and Central Cal)

11 months ago
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2013 Tuono with 15' RSV4 Conversion (5500 miles)
An RSV4 transplant/conversion was done at 18,300 miles. Just about everything, from the engine, dash, swingarm, suspension, etc. was replaced with the parts from a 15' RSV4.
Mileage - Tuono Frame and Bodywork Only - 23,800k (RSV4 conversion done at 18,300)
Engine, Swingarm, dash, etc. - 5,500 Miles
Other Modifications
Akropovic exhaust, race ECU, woodcraft rearsets, Shorai Battery (will come with charger), sliders, touring windscreen.
Reason for Selling
When I was 20, I was happy to dedicate my energy, money, and time into riding. My 30th birthday is this year and Im more interested in my work, biking, traveling, my house, etc. Motorcycling is crazy thrilling, but Im not looking for thrills anymore.
General Use
Local roads; riding with friends; 1 track day (I was slow). Im a good rider, but I dont take risks anymore so Im rather slow comparatively.
Other Notes:
Lemon Law Title for Frame (porous engine on original, Tuono engine that was replaced with the RSV4 engine)
Valves just checked a few weeks ago (all clear with documentation)
New Chain (530, stock gearing)
Safety Wired Drain Plug and Oil Filter
Bike Location
Can transport up to Monterey or down to Orange County.
Not interested in dealing with shipping and online payments.
$7000 - Current Tires
$7500 - New Tires
(1% to BARF)
I'll include any spares. Can include stands and misc. tools to local buyer. I'm getting out of Moto riding altogether.
Please PM me and I'll be happy to communicate through text and phone after.
Typical Listing Prices According to KBB
2015 RSV4 Factory typical listing price ($12,250)
2015 RSV4 R (non factory) (11,035)
2013 Tuono (non factory) (7,720)