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Ditto Looper I have a Ditto looper that I've never used (other than trying it out). It comes with the walwart. Both together run $115.00 new. Asking 70.00 plus shipping.
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Soft Case This is made for a keyboard. Purchased it with the intent of firming it up with some high density foam and using it for my steel. I ended up getting a different steel that is lighter so I never customized this thing. 40" X 17" X 7". Asking $30.00 plus shipping.
Forum: Steel Guitar Forum
Pac Seat This seat is in good shape and solid. Seems like it might be homemade, but I like this style of legs. Asking 110.00 plus shipping.
Forum: Steel Guitar Forum
Volume Pedals for Sale I have a fender volume pedal (65.00) and a Hilton (150.00). The Hilton has a taped up connection at the walwart. Was that way when I got it and it works fine.
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Vertical Kee Lever Kits I have 1 vertical knee lever kit for a GFI guitar and one for a Carter. The Carter lever is missing the small linkage rod that connects to the bell crank. Should be easy to replace. 100.00 each.
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Lexicon Digital Effects Lexicon MPX 100 processor. Has leg clips so you can mount to the side of your steel. 80.00
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Emmons S10 F/S I believe this guitar is a 1971. The Emmons experts out there can probably verify by the serial number. It has been my workhorse over the last 4 or 5 years. It's been my exclusive gigging guitar and I've had it in the studio. It definitely does the job. What I want to make perfectly clear is that...
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Carter Starter It is what it is. I bought this guitar to fly to California for a wedding gig. It served it's purpose just fine. Pedals are Emmons set-up. LKR lowers E's. RKR raises E's. I installed new tuners as the originals were in bad shape. I removed the 2 other knee levers as the action on them made me cra...
Forum: Steel Guitar Forum
Subject Price Brand Price Found
Humingbird Acoustic Guitar by Epiphone. $279.00 - 3 hours ago
Ditto Looper $115.00 Other about 1 year ago
Soft Case $30.00 Other about 1 year ago
Pac Seat $110.00 Other about 1 year ago
Volume Pedals for Sale $150.00 Fender about 1 year ago
Vertical Kee Lever Kits $100.00 GFI about 1 year ago
Lexicon Digital Effects $80.00 Other about 1 year ago
Emmons S10 F/S - Emmons almost 2 years ago
Carter Starter $550.00 Carter over 2 years ago