Two guitar FX processors

about 1 year ago
Roger Rettig
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Steel Guitar Forum
An Englishman in Naples, FL

I acquired both of these units new but, apart from trying them out briefly at home, I have never used them 'in the field', as it were.
The technology overwhelms me and I always end up using a minimum of stomp-box effects IF the music director insists on them.
Neither has its original packing but they will, of course, be very carefully prepared for shipping.
Line 6 Pod HD 300 - includes power supply and a manual that I downloaded and printed. $150 plus shipping.
Digitech RP 300 - with power supply and original handbook. $90 plus shipping.
I can take PayPal which would add 3% to the shipped price of each unit.
Emmons LG3 D-10, Zum Encore