National M1 Square Neck Tricone, $2,200+ship

almost 2 years ago
National M1 Square Neck Tricone, $2,200+ship
Steve Lipsey
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Portland, Oregon, USA

This square neck resonator guitar is in perfect condition and sounds as good as it looks.
John Dopyera, the inventor of the resonator guitar, felt that tricones were the most perfect design: "Tricone music flows like water".
The three cones provide a built-in chorus, reverb, and sustain.
New price around $3,100.
This one was built in December, 2015.
Shortly after I got it, I acquired a National Scheerhorn one-of-a-kind prototype tricone, and I haven't played the M1 much at all since then.
I still love the sound and playability of the M1, but I can only play one at a time!
With its mahogany body and traditional aluminum resonating cones and T-bridge, the M-1 is truly extraordinary: it boasts the traditional styling and resonator sound of a classic metal Tricone, but with the beloved warmth and depth of tone that a wood-bodied guitar adds, and is much lighter than the metal body version.
Featuring vintage Tricone styling, the M-1 is constructed of laminated mahogany, highlighted by a sturdy wood soundwell and a hand-painted steel coverplate. The mahogany neck is capped by an ivoroid-bound ebony fingerboard with dot inlays and a vintage-style slotted headstock.
The mahogany provides its own, distinguished tone, combining the unmistakable sound of a Tricone with a rich, deep, full tone.
Includes gig bag and custom 3-D printed snap-in mount for Krivo Resonator pickup, available at in Portland.
2016 National Scheerhorn Tricone Prototype 001
2015 National M1 Tricone
1928 National Style 1 Tricone
2017 Bob Bonham Style 2 Weissenborn