Gold Tone Weissenborn Style 4 + LR Baggs M1A $875.00 Shipped

over 4 years ago
Gold Tone Weissenborn Style 4 + LR Baggs M1A $875.00 Shipped
Alan Simon
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Tennessee, USA

I'm selling my Gold Tone Weissenborn Style 4 guitar. It was built
in 2010 and is made from solid Australian blackwood which is a cousin to Hawaiian Koawood. The blackwood has fine, ribbon flames throughout the guitar body and the guitar is light as a feather. Even with the LR Baggs M1A active pickup installed. This guitar resonates beautifully with booming lows and sparkling highs. I had my luthier install a bone saddle to replace the aluminum wire saddle and added a set of brass pins. It really woke this guitar up. It is a joy to play, for sure. It will come in it's original case which is in excellent condition. I bought another Weissenborn. It was made from a well known maker who I will not mention and cost a lot more than what I'm selling this for. As of now, this one sounds better to me. I'm hoping the new one will "open up" with time and playing. This one is there now. If interested, please use my email address. Thanks, Alan