Selling my Telonics Combo Amp with TC M-ONE XL unit

over 1 year ago
Larry Toliver
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Steel Guitar Forum
Merkel, Texas, USA

I hate to sell it, but I'm buying a new steel, and I need a little extra cash and I need to move my Telonics Combo amp.
It is in great condition, I've played it for the last couple of years at Dallas Show, Phoenix Show, Branson, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
It is a wonderful amp and combined with the TC ELectronics M-ONE XL dual effects unit, it is hard to beat.
It is dependable, and Telonics guarantees them for life, 500 watts RMS rating, and it will play anywhere with plenty of sound.
The TC effects unit is also nice, and I bought it because my buddy Steve Palousek thinks highly of them and uses them in his stereo steel unit.
The amp works perfectly, has no issues whatsoever, they are over $2500 new without the effects processor, which I gave 300 bucks for.
As I said, I'm buying a new steel...and need to move a couple of items.
I'm asking $2000 for the amp with the processor in it.
I'll even split the shipping with you.
Thanks a bunch!
Larry T
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