NOS 5Y3 Rectifier Tubes

over 1 year ago
Orlando Colom
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Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

1. I have 8ea. NOS Bendix 6106/5y3- the best 5y3 ever made, by far. Triple mica's, slow start up time. Will save the life of your power tubes, as it doesn't hit them with power on turn on, and lastly that build quality, and framework on the tube. This tube will out live us, and the amp.
$50.00 each
2. 3ea. Sylvania JAN 5y3WGTA All NOS killer tube.
3.GE 5y3gt- NOS great Rectifier tube.
4. Brimar 5y3. NOS Killer tube you don't see everyday.
5. Sylvania 5y3GT/G NOS .Another great rectifier tube.
6.5ea. NOS Vintage Star 9 pin tube pin straighteners.
$30.00 shipped in box
$25.00 shipped no box.