New Idea for Melobar Owners

over 1 year ago
Ted Smith
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Steel Guitar Forum
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Just came up with this and got it completed this month and I thought I'd release it on the forum like we used to in the early forum days.
Any Melobar can now convert to the Telobar.
There are usually two bolts and the body can be removed because the electronics are all in the Melobar neck. So, we thought why not make a Telobar body where the Tele part was also independent with the electronics running down to the bottom of the body so the two can be married easily with no modifications.
Telobar Convertible
Cool way to quickly have two guitars.
You simply run cords into the Melobar jack and the Tele jack on the bottom to a A/B switch and you can switch back and forth on stage at anytime.
The one pictured is Black Seal Coated with one of the newer skunk stripe, string through telecaster bullets that sound amazingly good for $365 plus shipping. Price depends on what Tele you want of course or you can even provide the Tele part.
Youtube video uploading...
Let me know you saw the idea on the Forum for Bob's cut._________________old Melobar guy