Acoustic Research RCA Cable Bundle

over 1 year ago
George Redmon
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Steel Guitar Forum

I have the top of the line Acoustic Research Cables for sale in this bundle. These are terminated with Gold Plated RCA type plugs. These will work for your CD player, home entertainment system, cassette decks, video players, computers almost anything associated with music. I used these in my home studio on my playback CD players.
At this price these would make a great upgrade to those gawd awful spaghetti cables they put in the box your home entertainment system came in. These are directional, top quality gold plated cables. On the same order, and in my opinion just as good as the Monster cables. I have three for sale.
A 3 Foot Length
A 6 Foot Length
A 12 Foot Length
Let's do $30 FOR ALL 3 SHIPPED LOWER 48 States