2004 Zum D10 8+6

about 1 year ago
Mickey Adams
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Steel Guitar Forum
Bandera Texas

I know you guys saw this a few weeks ago..Randy had it up here because he wanted a new guitar...well I got him one..He has another new MSA Legend again...Lol...So this Zum comes back to me. We acquired this from the original owner. It has two cosmetic defects in the chrome strip at the top front apron..honestly, it looks like it maybe fallen forward and hit something..two small linear 1' scuffs..
Dozens of guitars have been bought and sold by my friend Randy, and 5 of them I still have, and for good reason.Several times I have begged him not to sell specific guitars..This is one of those keepers...He simply moves on..
Well, good for me, because Zums are getting harder to find every day..This guitar has smooth as silk action, and I am happy to reconfigure it however you like. 5K plus shipping
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