ShoPro S10

about 4 years ago
ShoPro S10
Danny Harrell
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Livingston, Louisiana, USA

I am posting this ShoPro for the wife of my friend Royce Tarver who recently passed away. It has 5 pedals and 5 Knee Levers. The setup is as follows:
Bill Lawrence 710 pickups
Wooden Necks
Custom Fretboards
LLK raise 4th and 8th (E string)
LKR raise 1st half tone, lower 6th whole tone
RKL lower 4th and 8th (E string)
RKR lower 2nd and 9th strings (2nd string whole tone with half stop)
Vertical KL lower 5th and 10th half tone
Standard Emmons pedal setup 1 thru 3
Pedal 4 lowers strings 5 and 10 whole tone
Pedal 5 raise 1st and 2nd strings whole tone
The serial number on this guitar is 0099.
There is a Photo of this guitar on the ShoPro site under Who's Pro Too, Royce Tarver with this guitar.
As stated, this guitar looks brand new and from what his wife is telling me, he did not play it but only a few times before he got ill. It has a really nice case. Price is $3600.00 plus shipping. She will make the customary donation to the Forum in his name once sold. If interested, please e-mail me for more information. No trades. Shipping to the lower 48. If interested, please let me know and send me your contact info and I will give you a call. I will put the buyer in touch with his wife. These are really good people and I am just trying to help her with this. I will also be posting some seats and amps on the Accessories page.

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