71 Emmons S10 Fatback P/P 3X5

19 days ago
71 Emmons S10 Fatback P/P 3X5
James Barker
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Steel Guitar Forum
West Virginia, USA

Recently serviced by Mike Cass. All parts he added are period correct. E's on the left. Vertical lowers the B's. Right in raises 1 2 7. Right out lowers 2 and 9 with a good half stop. Mike slipped while drilling a pilot hole for a cross shaft and put a small hole in the guitar(pictured). The hole is barely noticeable but it did put a little scratch on the neck. I haven't attempted to cover it up because it doesn't bother me but I'm sure someone could. Besides that, it's very clean. With brand new split cases. No trades, only selling to fund the guitar that I need to make a living with. Otherwise I'd keep this tone monster forever. 3000 + shipping

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