Carvin BX250: $175+

over 2 years ago
Carvin BX250: $175+
Dan Beller-McKenna
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Steel Guitar Forum
Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Great little 3 lb bass-amp head that sounds very nice with steel.
250 watts into 4 ohms; 200 watts into 8 ohms.
Lots of eq control; head phone or tuner out jack; xlr direct out can be pre or post eq.
I hung this off the side of my seat with a couple of (relatively crude) brackets I fashioned.
Happy to throw those in.
I preferred the sound of this to the Quilter tone Block and Peavey Minimax by quite a lot.
No, it does not replace a Twin Reverb, NV 400 or such, but it's a very nice package.
I will include the power cord (not shown in pics).
A few minor scuffs, but generally very clean.
I'm selling way below what I paid because Carvin stopped making amps and is now dumping these at $244.
$175 plus actual shipping.