2000 M5 w/ 121k miles, Good Drivers Condition, $15k, NJ

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2000 M5
Titanium Silver over Imola Red/Black
121k miles
Fold Down Rear Seats
Clean Title, never tracked
3rd Owner
Price: $15k, $15.5k with EC-7s
Location: Central New Jersey
I purchased the car in August 2016 from a CCA member in New Hampshire. This car is in good drivers condition with a very nice interior, solid S62 with some major maintenance performed, and refreshed suspension. It does have a CEL with 2 codes detailed below, which are not affecting performance (the motor feels strong). AC and heat work perfectly.
Major Maintenance in my ownership:
3 oil changes including refurbished oil pan (stripped threads during previous ownership)
Transmission fluid
Front and rear control arms using Lemforder parts and Powerflex street bushings
Differential-half shaft seals
Timing Chain, tensioner, and guides
Power steering hoses
Water pump and thermostat
Main Vanos seal
Valve Cover gaskets and front crankshaft seal
Rear rotors and pads
Ground Control Single Adjustable Coilovers w/ Camber Plates
Auto Solutions Short Shift Kit (Unsure of %reduction. Feels amazing.)
Muffler Delete
Replaced Chrome Plastic Shift Knob w/ OEM Leather illuminated knob
Black Kidney Grills
Plasti-dipped rear valence surrounding exhaust black (looks really nice, but could be removed)
This car was spec'd as a rare factory lip spoiler and badge delete option. This means no M5 badge on the door mouldings, but I added a trunk badge back on because I like the way it looks. The body is in good condition and the paint looks good for its age. It has some rock chips here and there as expected for this age. It also has a clear bra from the previous owner on the front bumper extending up onto the hood that has seen better days (it's turning yellow-ish and starting to peel a bit). I always wanted to take it off, never got to it, but I'm sure it served its purpose. The interior is in really nice condition. The drivers seat shows some light wear and creases, but the passenger seat and rear bench are practically immaculate. I can't speak for the first owner but the second owner kept this car in the garage 100% of the time. I have kept the car in the garage on a battery trickle charger and have a nice Bavarian Autosport cover (included) which I use if I have to keep the car outside. In terms of maintenance there is a lot covered in the attached Excel sheet, but in general the car hasn't given me any major problems, and nothing of the sort with the engine (just a few codes here and there). It burns a little bit of oil as I think all M5s with this mileage do, but there are no leaks anywhere that I know of (I had a few taken care of). The major maintenance I did last year which was preventative was the timing chain, chain guides and tensioner replacement, as well as cooling system replacement. I probably went a little overboard in doing the timing chain work at that mileage, but at the time had plans to keep this car for at least a few more years and wanted that piece of mind.
The car currently has 275 rear/235 front Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 tires on the stock wheels, with a 20 mm spacer in the front. I don't drive it much in the winter but keep the tires on the car all winter just in case I need to. The wheels are in just ok shape cosmetically with some rash here and there, but still spin true. I also have a square set of Apex EC-7 wheels in 18x10.5 with 275/35 Hankook V12 summer tires. A 12mm spacer (included w/ wheels) is required in the front to clear the strut. It feels especially awesome with this setup, there is a ton of grip. Most of the pics will have these wheels in them. Unfortunately, a few have some minor pothole related bends. Cosmetically they are perfect. I should note they feel perfectly fine around town, but there is some noticeable vibration at around 70-80 mph on the highway. That being said, both sets of tires mentioned have lots of life left. I believe a wheel repair service could fix the bends for around $100 per wheel. For this reason I am only asking for $500 more to include the EC-7s with a relatively fresh tires.
Known issues:
The motor runs perfectly but currently has a check engine light with 2 codes. I have been generally unconcerned with these codes as they are not affecting performance whatsoever.
o 1: AA Secondary Air Qty too low. I had the MAFs replaced but the code came back. At the time the mechanic said to bring the car back for him to rediagnose but I never did (the car drives great and the shop is somewhat far away).
o 2: 7F DMTL module, tank leakage diagnosis. This is the pump that pressurizes the fuel tank just to check for leaks. I replaced the pump myself, passed inspection, but then the code came back. For what it's worth it was an easy job - it's located under the drivers side rear wheel fender liner.
The headlight lenses sometime fog up depending on the weather. Easy fix to replace the lenses and seal, just haven't gotten to it. The passenger side is a little worse than drivers.
The rear view mirror is half-filled with the auto-dimming blue fluid since I bought the car. I've had a few BMWs and they all developed this problem. It hasnt gotten any worse since I've owned it and for that reason Ive left it alone. This company will repair it for around $100: https://www.radar-mirror.com/Mirror_Repair.html
There is some very minor bubbling starting on the window trim around the rear drivers side door. This is another one that I've kept an eye on and hasn't really gotten worse, probably because the car has been mostly in the garage.
The stereo is not working. Initially the stereo was working but the in-car display was not - it was a black screen with lines flashing across. I could still use the stereo by using the controls from my memory. I purchased a newer MK4 Navigation computer to fix the issue. It had to do with the computer BIOS not loading properly causing the display to appear faulty. It would try to reboot and time out and then crash (hence the black screen). I replaced the computer in the trunk which fixed the display issue, but unfortunately led to a new issue - the stereo is no longer working. You can cycle through the FM stations for example, but there is no sound at all. There is also a stereo module in the trunk which could be faulty or is not connected properly (This has to come out to get to the Nav computer). I checked the connectors by eye and everything appeared ok but never took it all apart again (it's tight quarters in the trunk). I like the sound of the exhaust so it hasn't bothered me much. I'm sure a proper technician could sort this out relatively easily. I also have a bunch of navigation software discs that came with the computer I purchased. The current software installed has nightmode, which is a nice addition.
Please call or text to discuss the car more. Ive tried my best to give an honest description so there are no surprises. I wouldnt hesitate to drive it anywhere. It has a few minor bugs but overall is a solid and reliable car (not to mention a blast to drive). The suspension set up, short shift, and muffler delete make it pretty addicting. I hope it can go to a good owner who can give it a little bit of love to bring it up to 100%. Keep in mind that in NJ/NY (not sure about other states) you CAN pass inspection with up to 2 readiness tests incomplete because this a 2000 model year (perks of pre-facelift). This means you can reset the codes and pass if you have enough other monitors ready except for the one causing the Secondary Air fault (I know from experience). I also have a detailed excel log of work history spanning all three owners (including paper copies) that I am happy to share.
W/ Stock wheels
Headlight moisture
Trim peel/bubble
Rear view mirror fluid