ONE DAY Sale - Miata Reunion revlimiter Goodies

about 1 month ago
Available on
95 FM2: Sharka

Since not everyone was able to make it to Laguna Seca for the 30th Miata Reunion, I'm holding a ONE DAY SALE featuring almost all of the items present in the revlimiter Garage at MRLS (Miata Reunion Laguna Seca).
Gauges: $99 + shipping for standard sets. If you want customization, gauges will be the standard $129 price + design time and shipping.
Retro Shift Plates: $15 + shipping.
Horn Buttons: $40 + shipping for any standard design! Not just Miata stuff.
You can use the cart on the site to get all of the deals. No need to fill out a custom order form.
The sale will end at roughly 20:00 GMT, or just after lunch California time on October 17th.
Hit the revlimiter Store to claim your goodies!