More Jeep Commander Vents for NA's and NB's

7 months ago
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Huntsville, AL

Just picked up 3 more sets of Jeep Commander vents, colors are all varied, as I had to mix and match all the vents to make whole ones.
They can be easily disassembled so you can paint them.
IMG_20190616_170214132 by Jason M., on Flickr
$60 shipped, per set.
1st set - Light Grey/Dark Grey
IMG_20190616_170226366 by Jason M., on Flickr
2nd set - Light Tan/Dark Tan
IMG_20190616_170222844 by Jason M., on Flickr
3rd set - 3 Grey/1 Tan
IMG_20190616_170230362 by Jason M., on Flickr
If you want me to paint them Black, it'll be an additional $30.
PM me if you're interested.
Paypal only.
State shipping only.