Holly shift knob - - perfect for your white Miata

14 days ago
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Medina, Ohio

Holly is used for inlays for expensive furniture, imitation ivory piano keys and for other decorative uses. It's pretty expensive & can also be hard to source. As such I've not tried Holly until now, now that I have I like this wood a lot.
The Holly knob below has NO color added to it, this is finished only with clear lacquer.
$89, includes shipping to the lower 48 and your choice of shift pattern sticker (of those that I have in stock) I have enough Holly to make a matching e-Brake handle for an additional $69.
IMG_1907 by Richard Velardo, on Flickr
IMG_1909 by Richard Velardo, on Flickr
IMG_1908 by Richard Velardo, on Flickr