91BRG Cocomats

6 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Well, they're not actually specific to the 1991 British Racing Green - they look exceptional in a 92B&T too, or pretty much any NA. But this set is so perfectly suited to the 91BRG that Cocomats actually uses
the original special edition Miata as their website model.
Here's the kicker: my original heel pad was in the wrong place and I wore a hole through the mat, so I ordered a replacement mat. This driver's side mat had only been in the car for two months before my BRG died.
As you can tell, the passenger side got about 5 years' worth of extensive sun time. Given the transmission tunnel in between, the color difference is not noticeable once they're in the car. (Okay, you might notice the first time you put them in, but you'll very quickly forget and no one else will ever notice.)
This is truly THE classic look for an early NA. I'm a purist for the original factory look, would not have made a swap had these not been such a timeless roadster upgrade. They're a functional upgrade as well - the design hides dirt perfectly, and they're about twice as heavy as OEM mats. Between the weight and NA custom cut, they don't budge a millimeter.
A new set will run you $199.60 shipped. I'll let these go for $129 shipped. I've convinced other m.netters to buy these and they've all been very happy with their purchase - the buyer of my set will be too.
(No, seriously, these are so perfect for the BRG that Cocomats advertises their product in one - you can tell that last image isn't from my car because the shift knob isn't a Nardi.

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