2001 LS - ~99k Miles, Well documented/maintained

over 2 years ago
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Hey guys. Pains me to list this car up for sale...had high hopes for it being a forever car, but I no longer drive it nearly as much as I used to. Ended up scouring everywhere for a clean NB and found it...6 hours away. So this has been my baby ever since. Feel free to send me any questions you may have.
2001 Miata Sunlight Silver LS Miata
5 Speed
3rd Owner
98856 miles as of this posting
No rust
Asking $8000 Firm
Located in NJ 08690
Documented maintenace since 2006. Can be provided both in paper and have a spreadsheet to document everything. Have some minor maintenance records from the 1st owner (Mainly just oil changes, car was owned up to ~20k miles, before 2nd owner purchased.) I purchased the car almost 2 years ago and have only driven it ~5k miles. Original window sticker + manual + workshop manual to be included.
Oil changes were performed every 3k by previous owner with Redline 5w30, I continued with an additional one right after purchase. Car has been either covered or garage kept it's whole life.
Fuel Filter replaced 62785
Suspension installed somewhere between these 2 (FM Springs + Tokicos +FM sways)
Timing Belt and Waterpump replaced at 70400 miles (2011)
New Robbins Cloth top installed in 2013
Shifter rebuilt + new clutch slave in 2014 at 90347 miles (2014)
FM Happy Meal installed at 90347 with 13.5 lbs Flywheel and Rear crank seal, transmission oil seal and transmission input gasket replaced while in there.
RB Header + FM Midpipe 2.25" + RB Dual tip exhaust installed at 90347
SS Brake lines + brake flushed at 90347.
Koyo Radiator installed at the end of 2014 (November, unknown mileage) with Redline Water Wetter + distilled. Upper and Lower Rad hoses replaced with the Radiator.
Car is on stock 16 Twists and Hankook Ventus V2s installed at 97800 miles.
FM Tokicos + FM springs +FM sways
FM SS Brake Lines + Porterfield R4S Pads
Magnecor 8.5 Spark Plug Wires
Westco AGM battery
Monsterflow Intake
Racing Beat Header + FM 2.25" Resonated & Catted Midpipe + Racing beat Dual Tip Exhaust
FM Happy Meal with 13.5 lbs Flywheel
Koyo Radiator
Robbins Cloth Soft Top
Revlimiter JNC Gauges
New OEM headlights
Paint on front bumper cracked. Car was involved in an accident with road debris which hit the front bumper and broke a headlight + foglight. Bumper was repainted. Both headlights were replaced, did not put foglights back in. shortly after...Hit a cone on the highway which cracked the curing paint under the clear coat. (PO's words, multiple inspections...no structural damage.)
Very small door ding driver side door. Might be seen in the picture. Basically where the front Fender connects to the rocker and then halfway up the door. (In line with the top of the front tire.)
Rear Bumper had a scratch 1" in length touched up.
Seats are starting to wear.
Sorry for the sunlight in the pictures...it was nice out...but sun was setting and couldn't get a proper angle.