99 Miata Built Stroked 2.0L Turbo Street Car

6 months ago
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Charleston, SC

Here's a rare opportunity priced at $14,500 in Charleston, SC
Contact me: marcus.debiasi@gmail.com
A similar build brought $14,500 on BAT.
Engine: 1.8L non-VVT built, turbo'd, and stroked to 2.0L by Flyin Miata. Receipt for the engine build and turbo is $21,632. Nitty Gritty on engine build is at the bottom. Hydra Nemesis 2.7 tuned at FM on their Dyno.
--It is currently set up to be a street car. The motor is making a very conservative 300Whp at 15PSI. Garret GT2560R. Dyno chart below. This engine is very capable of making more power.
Big cooling system (pictured) which also includes a separate oil cooler (not pictured). Oil Filter has been relocated.
Suspension: Flyin Miata 2.5 package. (Adjustable shocks, FM Springs and Swaybars)
Wheels: TR Motorsports 15X9 with 225/45/15 BF GoodRich G-Force Rival S 1.5 (200 tread ware). Tires are basically new.
Brakes: Wilwood 4-Piston Calipers on a 10" Rotor. Front to rear adjustable bias.
Exhaust: Brand New Flyin Miata Full 3" exhaust from the turbo outlet to the tail pipe.
Drive: 5-Speed with a 3.9 LSD Rear End. Flyin Miata Happy Meal Clutch and Light Weight FlyWheel. Hidden Trailer Hitch.
Interior: Hard Dog double Diagonal roll bar. Sparco Sprint Seat (1) on Planted Base. Factory seat comes with it as well. Additional gauges, stereo system, infinity speakers, etc...
Exterior: There is no Aero work done to the car. It looks mostly stock from the outside. The soft top was recently replaced with the best soft top available: Robins cloth top with heated rear glass window. Paint and body is normal.
There's more than $30k in this car.
From Flyin Miata: "2.0 Monster engine (1999-00 head)
This is the ultimate. Match this to a big turbo or a high-boost
Ubercharger and you will easily see 350 hp at the wheels with high
Stroker kit with 9:1 Wiseco pistons and Super A-beam Carrillo rods
ARP main and head studs
ported/polished 1999-00 head
port-matched intake manifold
unshrouded and back-cut valves
oversize stainless steel intake and exhaust valves
high performance valve springs
new oil and water pump
oil pan drilled for oil return
For the Miata that has almost everything, we have the Stroker.
Theres no replacement for displacement. A bigger engine makes
more torque, more power and can spool up a bigger turbo. We cut
apart a stock block to find out just how much capacity we could fit
inside. We were able to squeeze a 4 mm stroke without the need
for modifying the block. The billet crank is custom made to high
standards. Moly coated exotic pistons and custom rods allowed us
to keep the same rod ratio as a stock 1.8 so the car would still love
to rev. A 1.5mm overbore was chosen because it leaves enough
strength for turbo use and also allows use of the stock head gasket.
The end result? 1996cc of displacement that feels even bigger.
Fits 1.8 blocks only. As tested on our competition cars, this is part
of the recipe for the ultimate Miata motor. Includes new Carrillo rods
and 9:1 Wiseco pistons that maintain the stock rod ratio."