revlimiter Retro Shift Plates

almost 3 years ago
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95 FM2: Sharka

revlimiter Retro Shift Plates
20mm by 30mm wide, 1mm thick.
Many shift patterns to suit your car.
Can be drilled and screwed into place or installed with double sided tape.
Water jet-cut aluminum plate and brushed metal vinyl.
More than just a little plate. Each kit lets you either drill and mount the plate with the included tiny button-head capscrews or you can glue on the capscrew heads and install with the 3M mounting tape.
There's enough tape included to remove and install the plate a couple of times. Just cut a small square and stick it on.
The plates themselves are precision water jet cut 1mm aluminum. The shift pattern is a diecut sticker printed on special brushed aluminum material. This is the same stuff Mazda used from the factory to print the NA and NB Miata door sill inserts (that say Miata or Roadster).
And a few installed pix...
I've been working on these little shift plates off and on for about 3 months. They're tiny but that doesn't mean they need less attention. Getting to finally put them in my site and on my car feels like a huge accomplishment. I've long admired the ARC shift plates. Making my own plate has been on my list for quite a while.
They're in stock and in the store. Get your beloved Roadster a little something for the holidays?