revlimiter Badges

about 4 years ago
revlimiter Badges
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95 FM2: Sharka

Somehow, I never posted about these here. I've had badges in my shop for quite some time.
revlimiter Badges
Works with most cars. Some models will need holes filled left over from OEM badges.
Composed of vinyl and solar-cell quality polyurethane epoxy.
Badges are chromed diecast metal. No cheap plastic here.
3M 20 lb tape included with each badge.
Go to my store for price and ordering info!
I've got a sort of sliding scale for pricing based on what package you order. Nose badges are starting at $39 + shipping each. Fender badges start at $29 + shipping each.
Badges come in two sizes: 58mm (nose) and 50mm (fender).
The 58mm badge has a wide double bevel around the inner design. Both sizes are solid metal. They're a level above the OEM chrome plastic they'll likely replace.
The 50mm badge is very low profile by design to keep it close to the body. The 58mm sticks out a bit further.
Each badge has some light 3M adhesive on the back. I also ship a strip of insane 20 lb tape with each badge. You can almost pick up the whole car with the stuff! (But seriously, you need to be SURE of the location before you stick the crazy 20 lb tape on your car.)
Standard colors:
Left to right: white, black, chrome foil, metallic silver, gold foil, yellow, metallic gold, 93LE red, bright red, pink, orange, BRG, Mazda blue, dark blue.
The badges are made from cut vinyl. The above colors are always in stock. Any design can be made using any of these colors for a small additional fee.
If you want to order a badge in a very specific color (smokey red or Laguna Seca blue for example) you have to realize that it might not be possible. I'm limited to what colors of vinyl exist. I can't just print out an exact shade for you. Also, there would be a vinyl acquisition fee (around $30) for colors not shown above.