Gen 2 revlimiter Badges - Work in Progress

about 2 years ago
Gen 2 revlimiter Badges - Work in Progress
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95 FM2: Sharka

I do a lot of stuff behind the scenes and never post about it. I figure people don't really care about such things and would rather just see pretty pix of the finished products. But this one is kinda big and is taking me a long time. I thought I'd post my progress.
I now own a shiny new vinyl printer and am revamping all of my badges, keychains, horn buttons, and all other logo items.
Parts and designs are slowly coming into stock.
I'll update this thread as I go and have photos of the new goods.
As always, revlimiter Badges can be purchased here. You can also see the updated pix on that page.
Version Elanore:
The colorful center areas are now foil. It's still Mazda Blue and a darker LE red, but the material is now shiny. The badges pop a lot more and look far more professional.
It's hard to show the foil effect with a still pic. I'm gonna have a lot of gifs in here I think.
Prototipo 1:
Very similar to the previous versions. The blue badge is NOT foil, but has a traditional enamel-like finish with a slightly better color match to the vintage Mazda blue color. The red badge uses the same dark red foil as the Elanore badge. Black and yellow are unchanged.
More in a bit.