New: MeisterR Staggered Double Digressive Valve (SDDV) for GT1/ClubRade GT1 Coilovers

3 months ago
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MeisterR have been offering our unique Staggered Digressive Valve (SDV) for a while with success both on the road and on the track.
We have plenty of happy road customers, and drivers achieve podium result at the 2019 NASA National Championship TT4 class.
The new Staggered Double Digressive Valve (SDDV) takes the SDV theory and apply them to a digressive rebound piston.
Unlike most double digressive piston on the market that have an identical compression and rebound face, the SDDV have larger compression port in order to provide higher compression flow rate.
This mean over big bumps, the SDDV will allow the wheel to "get out of the way" quicker leading to better compliancy and traction.
The feedback have been amazing from our tester driver taking the 1st place finish at the 2019 Legends of the Lake Hill Climb in Valley Lakes, Mount Gambier, Australia.
Here is a video of the day, you can see while the road surfaces are bumpy, the Fiesta retain great traction and the driver was not toss around by the bumps.
More feedback will come in time, but this is an exciting step forward for MeisterR.