NEW: MeisterR Coilovers for NA / NB / NC / ND, $995 Delivered

2 months ago
NEW:  MeisterR Coilovers for NA / NB / NC / ND, $995 Delivered
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Hello Everyone,
My name is Jerrick and I am from MeisterR.
MeisterR is a suspension specialist from the UK, and we just recently expanded to the USA.
We want to start off offering our new generation ZetaCRD and ZetaCRD+ Coilovers to the Miata community.
As we are starting new, we are going to do a blanket 20% discount on all coilovers with free delivery.
This brings the MSRP of $1250 down to $995 delivered.
We have two version available for the NA / NB / NC / ND:
MeisterR ZetaCRD / ZetaCRD+ Specification:
*Aluminium Front Top Mount with harden rubber bush (Spherical Bearing for ZetaCRD+)
*Extended Aluminium Rear Top Mount with harden rubber bush.
*Monotube damper with 32 stage damping adjustment (Compression and Rebound Combined)
*10% thicker damper rod diameter for increase strength (compare to previous generation)
*Linear Rate SAE9254 Chrome Silicon Steel Springs.
*Springs Coil Noise Insulator.
*Lengthen Heavy Duty Rubber boot.
*Unique UK Patent Pending Non-Slip Aluminium Spring Perch & Locking Collar.
*Dual Perch Coilovers Construction (Independent Springs Tension and Ride Height Setting)
Designed for fast road & track use, with focus on fast road use.
This is the most common setup for most UK owners, as this is design for road compound tyres and deal with uneven road surfaces comfortably.
Most regard this setup as compliant as OEM, but more responsive.
The springs rate:
Front: 6kg/mm, Rear: 5kg/mm
Front: 7kg/mm, Rear: 5kg/mm
Front: 8kg/mm, Rear: 3kg/mm
Designed for fast road & track use, with focus on track use.
This setup for is for track enthusiast who use their car on track with semi-slicks tyres.
It is also what we offer as a control suspension on a few of the regulated championship in UK such as the Max5 and the 5Club Racing Championship.
The springs rate:
Front: 10kg/mm, Rear: 6kg/mm
Front: 10kg/mm, Rear: 6kg/mm
The ZetaCRD is our newest generation design incorporating our Close Ratio Damping technology.
The entire damping design are engineer in house in our UK workshop along with our technical partner Black Art Design.
This allow the dampers to provide responsive feedback on stiffer damping adjustments for track use, while providing great compliancy over uneven road surfaces on softer adjustment for daily usage.
Here is a damper dyno to show what the CRD looks like:
We are happy to be able to offer our newest suspension to the Miata community.
All coilovers are kept in stock in our UK workshop / warehouse, and will come with 1 year warranty serviced by us.
If you have any questions or comment, please feel free to let me know.
I am always happy to answer any concerns.