Rare Promaster Spectrum 7 1.7X Teleconverter For Pentax Pz-AF

almost 6 years ago
Rare Promaster Spectrum 7 1.7X Teleconverter For Pentax Pz-AF
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Southampton, United Kingdom

Rare and saught after Promaster Spectrum 7 1.7X Teleconverter For Pentax Pz-AF.
Generally better image quality than the Tamron 1.4x Pz-AF MC4 on which the Promaster is based.
MC4 Multicoated for high resolution.
4 elements in 4 groups.
Length 24mm.
Weight 100g.
Full AF operation with Promaster 1.7x MC4 is possible with camera lenses with open aperture of F4.5 or faster.
Digital compatible, works with all current Pentax cameras (K10D/K20D/K-7/K-5).
Exposure factor 1 stops.
Please be aware that AF will work properly only if there is enough light and contrast on the subject to activate the camera???s AF sensors. (Manual focusing is recommended when using lenses with smaller open f-stop value than those given above).
This Teleconverter contains all 7 electrical contacts on the flange, plus the 2 gold PZ contacts inside the lens.
Comes with soft case, both end caps and original box.
Used, Mint, Boxed, End Caps, Soft Case.
The Kenko equivalent of this teleconverter, the Kenko Teleplus DG 1.5x MC4 currently retails for about ??80. The only problem with all the new Kenko teleconverters for Pentax is they, for some reason, have seen fit to remove, or disconnect the PZ contacts. So there is no hope of the current Kenko teleconverters being able to autofocus with any SDM/HSM lenses.
Will part with it for ??175, paid as a cheque, or direct bank transfer.
??185 if paid for with Paypal.
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Graham Dyke