WTS: 3 Canon FD lenses

over 3 years ago
WTS: 3 Canon FD lenses
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Philadelphia, PA, United States

Hello everyone,
Today I have two of my FD lenses and one FL lens up for sale. The FD's are a Vivitar 24mm 2.8 and a Canon 35mm 2.0. The FL is a 50 1.8. I've used all of these to produce some pretty great images with my a7ii except for the FL 1.8, which is a hold over from an old AE-1 my father owned. All are smooth, with no oil or sticking on the aperture blades. The FL is cosmetically the most worn, though it is not dinged or cut up in anyway, just some color wear on the rings. The 35mm can also include a Tiffen circular polarizer for an extra $15. All prices do not include S&H or paypal fees.
First, the FL:
Next the 35mm:
And the 24mm:
24mm also includes original Vivitar case.
I'm looking for $45 for the 50mm, $150 for the 35mm and $65 for the 24mm. As I said above, for an extra $15 I'll throw in my circular polarizer for the 35mm. I'll also include a couple of shots I took with each:
The 24:
The 50:
The 35:
*NOTE: I did not clean the lens when I took this shot somewhat quickly, and as a result if you look off to the top left you'll see some spotting. I actually never noticed in post, and didn't at all until a friend of mine caught it.*