Lumix GH1 Hacked with Kit lens and extras

over 3 years ago
Lumix GH1 Hacked with Kit lens and extras
AZ erik
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chandler, AZ, United States

I bought 3 of these GH1's to shoot my wedding, they worked great in 2011 for some amazing video. I sold off 2 and kept this one and used it for trips and a handful of round town shots. Not a lot of shutter actions but it has shot a decent amount of video over the last couple years. I can't seem to find the ENG owners manual, but I have a PDF of it I can give you.
The video "hack" isn't as difficult as it was when this kit first came out. Now it's a super simple process. I currently have the camera set up for BlackMagic's 44meg 1080p24 I didn't use any orhter setting.
Offer contains:
GH1 body
14-42 Kit lens (which is fairly decent and has pulled some great shots)
Fotodiox Canon FD lens adapter, I'll toss in a Vesnar 28mm 2.8 prime
3 batteries (1 org Panasonic, 2 brand new 1600mah batteries bought last month for a trip)
2 chargers (1 org Lumix charger with the ac adapter, 1 aftermarket for the above batteries with car adapter)
1 wireless remote trigger, av cable, lens and body hoods, lens bag, manuals in other lang
There are a few minor scratches in the bottom of the screen, I tried my best to capture. Appears to be bits of sand got between the screen and body last month.
Body was taken apart and this strap mount glued a long time ago as they had a habit loosening and falling off, which is bad if you use the strap. (BTW I do not know where the shoulder strap went for this)
Please see my gallery for images shot with this camera.
Asking $300 Paypal or square cash. INTL shipping extra.