Canon 5D MKII with some goodies

over 3 years ago
Canon 5D MKII with some goodies
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Anaheim, CA, United States

I know you dpreview lurkers already know there all there is about cams.  Just copy and pasted this from my craigslist ad.
Selling my ol lady, the Canon 5D mk2 camera body. Took some pretty amazing snaps with it but it doesn't suit my photojourno style of shooting at the moment. This is a good all around camera body. Does everything fairly well. Low light performance is decent at 1600 ISO before it gets too noisy at 3200. The AF system is older with only 9 points but they're solid if you choose your focus point and aim it. I'm at around 80k actuations and this cam is rated for 150-180k. On the actual reported user ratings, most 5d mk2 get about 220k+
I'm very meticulous about maintaining the camera body. Was serviced by Canon a few months ago. Comes with an add on battery grip, 4 batteries, charger, remote cable trigger for shutter/time lapse, cables and manuals.  Also put plastic protectors on the LCD screens.
Located in Anaheim, CA. Asking $1000 shipped in the connecting US states. Paypal is 4% additional.