Jones Starfire SE-13

3 months ago
phughes SS-13
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series of unfortunate events has put me in the position that I need to consider selling my StarFire. Not something I want to do, but there it is. The boat has been completely gone thru and re-rigged using only the best materials available. In the paint and fiberglass section there is a build thread called 'Floor Fix' that details the work and energy put into doing the job of restoration correctly. This is that boat. 2 layers of 11oz carbon fiber wrap the stringers and the entire foredeck has been covered in carbon fiber as well. This is a very unique Starfire, as it is a sidewinder with offset stringers. First time on the water it set a record in the 'E' runabout class, and it won the very first heat I ever ran it in. The boat is in good shape and just needs a new driver. Complete with custom made fitted tarp. Complete, ready for the next heat. $11,000.Less motor (My preference) $7,000.Without motor would include motor mounts and lifting slings brackets.
More pictures are available upon request.