1966 Unlimited Marine E Boat(sorry for dbl thread)

15 days ago
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For Sale...1966 167 Unlimited Marine FlatbottomBuilt by Bunky Muirhead, this boat raced in the E Racing Runabout class in the mid 60s.For the past 13 years it has run in every Parker Enduro in Division 1 and finished every year.Boat retains all original rigging and has been recently fitted with new stringers and transom.Brand new rudder stuffing box and cavitation plates have been reinstalled and sealed.Brand new drive shaft and Throughbred vdrive freshened. Engine is a 383 stoker with knifed crank, Late model block, steel Bow tie heads, roller cam and lifters, fresh Mag, 10 quart pan, H/M oil cooler and fresh jet hotted headers.Engine has been fired one time. Truly fresh and ready to go.Trailer is solid.Posting this for my brother. Please send me a PM and I will put you in touch with him.PRICE...7300.00