UPDATED Parts Sale Manley Clevite Total Seal Tilton Comp Cams

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FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING. These already bundled for sale on other sites. EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE $1575 SHIPPED (918) 269-8084
Small Block Chevy Harland Sharp 51001 1.52 ratio 3/8 stud, had these in a box for 15 years. Amazing condition. 1 full set BBC stud girdle locks 7/16. 15 3/8 stud girdle locks SBC. 12 3/8 std locks. 8 7/16 standard locks. $240
Everything brand new. ** Google is your friend for the specific application** Clevite Mains: 829HX, 909H, 2199P10. Clevite Rods: 8) 786-20, 8) 1776A-10, 8) 743H .5 tight = 1/2 743H and 743H-1, 12) 663HN, 5) 663P, 1) 663H, 4) 743HXND, 4) 743HXN, 4) 743HND -10, 1) 743HN 1) 743 HN-20. Total Seal CR9190 35. 3 sets BBC SBC rear main seals. Melling SBC timing set 3-499S. Its a great deal. Way less than 50% of where it can be bought anywhere. $660
Brand new 4000 series Chevy Tilton Super Starter. The last starter you will buy. Ive ran these for many years and wouldnt have anything else. Its bolted on the engine wrapped up on a roll around stand never had a wire connected to it. Fits 153 or 168 tooth ring gear. All V8 AND 90* V6 original install kit included. $300
Valve Spring Setup Hardware. Everything Brand New. 16 studs 7/16 for 2.100 installed height. 1 complete set +14 loose Comp Cams 740-16 retainers 10 degree. 1 complete set 4777-16 ID Hardened spring seats. 2 complete sets +2 loose OD spring cups for 1.650 Springs .640 guide hole. 8 teflon seals Comp Cams 503-16. Nice assortment of valve spring shims. Most of them 1.640 OD
Comp Cams Dial Bore Set 5605 New Never used. No Missing parts.
Builder Misc Hardware. Handy stuff to have around. Jesel Belt Drive and Shaft Rocker shims. Stand height fixture may be T&D. Dozens of ARP washers 7/6 and 1/2. A few nuts. Spiral locks. Valve stem lash caps. MSD distributor advance springs and bushings. Top and bearing from MSD pro oil pump.drive. 7 GM guide plates. 4 Dart adjustable guide plates And whatever else you see in builder pics $89
Most of what you need to upgrade your Small Block Chevy heads during rebuild. Everything brand new except push rods like new perfect condition. 2.02 1.600 Manley Valves with spares. Comp Cams dual with damper valve springs. 10 degree retainers and Magnum hardened push rods. Double check with your machine shop or engine builder. These are nice parts. 12 Manley 10550 intake valves, 13 Manley 10549 exhaust valves, 16 977-16 Comp Cams springs, 16 740-16 Comp Cams 10 degree retainers, 16 7695-16 Comp Cams Magnum push rods (like new) $320