New NOS Crosby Engine Driven Refrigeration System - $250

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Up for grabs: A brand-new, never installed, never run Crosby engine driven refrigeration system. It was purchased from Crosby in 1984 for a project boat that was never completed. It is a very large system, and not suitable for my small cruiser. It is complete with all manuals, receipts, parts lists, icebox design guide, and a wealth of notes and references from the original purchaser. It was designed for up to a 20 cubic foot freezer, and includes the following:
-York compressor and double idler pulley
-water-cooled condenser/dryer with 12v pump
-two Crosby 16x24 freezer cold plates
-Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) and temperature control
-25 feet of refrigerant supply and return line, all couplers and fittings
-Books, manuals and notes
This system used 3 pounds of R12 refrigerant. Old stocks of R12 are available on eBay, or the system can be converted to R134 (consult a tech). It is an extremely simple system, designed to freeze both cold plates in an hour of run time. There are no electronics; the only power consumption is for the compressor clutch and the cooling pump, which only operate when the engine is run. The dryer cartridge should be swapped out upon installation. The most complicated part of the assembly is fabricating the compressor mount, which will vary according to your engine configuration. Detailed notes and drawings in the manuals cover this topic.
This system is VERY LARGE and HEAVY, around 200 pounds. I don't think shipping is practical, but I will drop it off at the UPS store for boxing and shipping if a buyer desires. Otherwise, plan to pick it up in Hernando Beach, FL 34607, about an hour north of Tampa.

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