Vintage Aquastar Benthos 500 $1375

4 months ago
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FS is a vintage Aquastar Benthos 500 with ghost bezel. This historic watch (first 500M rated diver) is in good condition with a flawless (to my eye) dial, excellent patina to indices, new crystal (non-existent/impossible to find except for an extra I purchased for small fortune I’ll be selling separately), intact triangle at 60 on awesome original ghosted condition. Beefy 42mm X 47mm case. A. Schild movement working well as to timekeeping and power reserve functions. I don’t know the service history. The only disclosure of note (other than the incredible natural bumps and cruises to case and totally ghosted bezel from 50 years of wear) is the single minute hand operated via single pusher resets ever so slightly to right of 60. This is the 1002 case with serial number still visible. Comes on a choice of orange genuine Isofrane or black tropic other era strap. Below is some great research on the watch.
An Aquastar was the first and only watch to be worn at the deepest dive ever made in history – the DeepSea Challenge, where divers descended to the Mariana Trench . The watch was worn by diver Don Walsh. However, Aquastars became particularly famous amongst the diving fraternity, when Jacques Cousteau and his team wore Aquastar diving watches, such as the Aquastar Deepstar, and the Aquastar Benthos 500, during their many filmed dives in the 1960s.That Watch and More: A Look into the Aquastar Benthos 500
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