KAVENTSMANN BRUNO 3000M Bronze Special Edition - Rarest Kaventsmann

about 1 month ago
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The Desert

Selling one of my beloved Brunos... rarest of the Kaventsmann... This is one of the original designs, a much more solid watch than newer offerings, as can be seen on the Stainless Steel case back. This was custom made, hence the Special Edition 'Out of Range' designation. The bolts around the bezel protrude instead of being sunken in. This Bruno is 53MM (excluding crown), 65MM lug to lug, and 26MM tall. It houses the upgraded 2892 swiss engine and the crystal has a scratch protector on it, as it has since new... crystal underneath is flawless. It has a poly coating on the bottom of the bolts for comfort... I wore this daily on almost every continent without any issues or discomfort whatsoever.
To top it off, it comes with a custom Dobra Strap... one of his best. There is a sewn-in hand hammered/curved custom GPF buckle.
The wait time to have this watch made is approximately a year and the strap is getting to be a pretty long list as well.Truly one-of-a-kind setup and opportunity.
These don't come from the factory with box/papers but it will be packaged securely and professionally. They are handmade, so there are tool marks and other minor deformities on these watches. This watch does come with a factory lifetime guarantee.
PayPal'd and Shipped for $4,750 CONUS. Will sell overseas if you've got good feedback or at least post often. Janpol type scams aren't going to end well for you and "what's your best price" will be ignored.
Zero posters, sorry this ain't the one. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it's just not going to be on this watch. Every time I post up a Kaventsmann, especially a rare model, it brings out the crazy in people. On that note; it's just a watch, folks... you can breathe without it. If you don't have the money, it's alright... something else exciting will come along - no payments or holds till your TAG sells, divorce settles, etc.
No trades PLEASE.