SOLD: Damasko DA36

about 2 years ago
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++++++++++WATCH IS NOW SOLD. THANKS WUS & BUYER++++++++++++++++
Need to do anothers her cull of the collection so off goes a watch that I am not that keen to sell due to how versatile it is - 40mm is the perfect size.
However, I dont wear it as much as I should so this is one of the 4 watches I am selling.
It comes with everything that you get when you buy new. It was bought in 2011 but as the Damast Steel is so good it looks like it could have been bought yesterday.
Watch is 98% on the TZ scale though the strap is good it does have some degradation on the rubber lining and the watch box has some degradation also. The watch head itself is 99-100%
Price is $780 Paypaled & with EMS shipping to anywhere in the world.
I have a lot of references on the forum as I like to make sure the people that buy watches that I sell feel they have a great experience dealing with me.
My Instagram is @jsj11
On to the Pics: