Lionseek FAQ

What is Lionseek?

Lionseek is a search engine that scans popular forums for items offered up for sale by private sellers.  These items are then indexed on Lionseek so that they are easily searchable for users.  If interested in the item, you can go to the ad where you can contact the seller directly; once this happens you are no longer on Lionseek but on the message forum where the ad is listed.  The items found on Lionseek are not offered up for sale by Lionseek nor are they sold on Lionseek.  


Why should I use Lionseek?

Lionseek allows you to browse hundreds of thousands of items listed for sale by enthusiasts on popular message forums across the web all in one place.  Items are displayed with an image and useful information about the item.  Clicking on the item will give you a more detailed summary about the item and introduce you to similar items for sale so you can decide to either go to the ad or find something else.  The site is updated continuously with the newest posts appearing at the top of search results.  You can search for a particular item or customize your browsing experience by filtering by brand, price, sites indexed, and/or seller.  We pride ourselves on being a fast and intelligent search engine, and we are constantly working on the site to make our search faster and more precise. 


Can I post items for sale on Lionseek?

Not currently.  This seems to be a popular request and we are currently evaluating this option.


Can I advertise on Lionseek?

Due to the volume and highly targeted traffic that the site is receiving, this is also a popular request.  Currently, the only advertising on Lionseek is the eBay ads for similar items.  We are trying to keep ads to a minimum so as not to disrupt the user experience, but would not mind discussing advertising opportunities with potential advertisers.  If you would like to discuss advertising opportunities, please email us at


Why is my message forum not included in Lionseek?  Do you plan to add any categories?

If you have a message forum that you want indexed on Lionseek, please let us know and we will add you to the site.  We are also considering adding additional categories but would love to hear from our users regarding what categories they would like to see on Lionseek.  You can email us at



Updated: January 11, 2015