2020 Zero SR/F Premium model w/ ext. warranty

14 days ago
Harley Davidson
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Asking $19,695 @ 8,XXX miles. Located in Pinole.
Hi Everyone I am selling my 2020 Zero SR/F Premium model with an extended warranty included. (storage bag not included)
I have the title in hand which has no incidents on it, I am the original purchaser on July 19, 2019 with 7 miles (dealer spec tests required some use). I am located in Pinole.
I have digital and hard copies of all preventative maintenance completed which includes: 600 mile initial service (Timing & Commissioning of motor and overall inspection), Trunk lid replacement (initial design wasnt flush with body work so a recall ensued for all SR/Fs), 4k initial service (Torque various bolts and in depth inspection), 8k service (Commissioning & Timing, Brake fluid drain and replace, in depth inspection, and retorque bolts).
Details on the motorcycle:
-2 year head-to-toe manufacturer warranty on manufacturers defects.
-an additional +2 year warranty on manufacturer defects through the dealer (coco powersports)
-5 year manufacturer warranty on battery
including battery depletion and electric components.
-Level 2 J1772 charger connects directly to 110v outlet (or 220 outlet I provide the adapter)
-integrated charger allows up to 6.6kw charging and has option to upgrade to a quick charger.
--14.4kwh battery.
-Charges at 6kw from 0-95% in an hour (Ive consistently kept the battery between 30%-90% (for battery longevity), but have gone down to single digits a handful of times)
-Storage tank (located where a gas tank would be) fits a 2 gallon gas tank (not sure how else to measure its size). Tank also contains 2 usb ports.
-Heated Grips
-Cruise Control
-Digital Screen displays various specs (battery %, battery temp, motor temp, trip odometer, and many others)
-Zero App syncs desired specifications from phone directly into the power train of the motor including (brake regeneration, max speed, torque, and power). The app also has a re live the ride function which is a turn by turn, integrated, ride record which shows specs such as lean angles left & right, battery regen, torque, power, speed, and a GPS maps & follows your every detail you desire.
-Tamper notifications sent directly through the app.
-Remote inquiry (check GPS location of bike at any time)
-Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control.