Lamar Su-12 Keyless For Sale

almost 5 years ago
Lamar Su-12 Keyless For Sale
Carlos Polidura
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Steel Guitar Forum
Puerto Rico, USA

This guitar has the straight (Direct) pull changer. Straight (Direct) means when the changer finger moves (travels) forward (releasing the tension) the pitch of the string lowers and when the changer finger moves (travels) backwards (increasing the tension) raises the pitch.
Changer is triple raise and triple lower. A long 25" scale. This guitar comes with a volume and tone controls and two toggle switch to change pickup sound. Solid Indian rosewood neck. Indian rosewood veneer aprons over solid maple.
This guitar has 7 floor pedals and 5 knee levers. It has the Jeff Newman E9/B6 setup.
This is a very nice looking and a great sounding steel guitar built by Lamar Colvin.
Weight of the guitar in its case is 53 lb. Heavy duty case weight alone is 20 lb.
Asking $2,400.00. This includes shipping and insurance to the continental USA and Puerto Rico.
Will ship via US postal service (Parcel Post)
Carlos_________________As a born again christian I play in churches. Love country music but in my enviroment I mostly play spanish and latin gospel music. Lamar SU-12/ Peavey Nashville 1000/ Dynalap Steel.