long scale, single neck Stringmaster

almost 2 years ago
Erv Niehaus
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Steel Guitar Forum
Litchfield, MN, USA

Some years ago I bought some Stringmaster parts.
The fellow I bought them from said that he had a Stringmaster body if I wanted him to send it along.
Of course, I said yes!
After I got the above items, I looked them over and decided to build them into a single neck Stringmaster.
It took quite a bit of work to get it into shape and refinish it. I also installed some leg flanges on the bottom and picked up three new legs for it.
I did everything to it except finish up the wiring.
Everything is there, it just need to be hooked up.
I think I did a pretty good job on it for a left-handed Norwegian but you will have to judge for yourself after looking at the pictures.
I doubt if I can get my money out of it after all that work but I think it should be worth $750.00 plus freight.
By the way, I had Kevin Hatton build me a case for it and that turned out really nice.