Jeffran DVD/CD Courses

over 1 year ago
Jim Fogarty
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Steel Guitar Forum
Phila, Pa, USA

I'm selling a bunch of my Jeffran Jeff Newman learning material. It's all brand new, barely even looked at (unfortunately!!). It's all recent vintage, with the original DVD's, CD's and tab books. Just an amazing wealth of knowledge, that'll keep you busy for a lifetime.
For now, I'd like to sell it as package deal, and to make that worthwhile, I'm offering it at pretty much a steal
$250, plus shipping (PayPal or USPS Postal Money Order preferred)
(Altogether, these would cost you $525+!!)
Up From the Top A & B Pedals -
2 DVD's + 1 CD
Up From the Top
D Lever -
1 DVD + 1 CD
Up From the Top
F Lever -
2 DVD's + 1 CD
Bandstand Backup Parts 1 & 2 - 2 DVD's + 1 CD
No Speed Limit - Parts 1 & 2
- 1 DVD + 1 CD
The New Dirty Dozen
- 1 CD