Herby Wallace C6th courses like new

about 4 years ago
Herby Wallace C6th courses like new
Ken Fox
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Steel Guitar Forum
Nashville, GA USA

Bought these from Herby at the Saluda Show.
Never did use them, sold the double neck and went back to E9
description of the two courses:
2.HWP-200 This is my most complete course for the C6th tuning. It consists of a book written in easy to read tab and also a cassette. This course is for beginners or even the advanced student as it contains so much information, such as: runs and licks, endings, chord progressions, scales, right and left hand technique, blocking, 5 songs plus much, much more. There is also a rhythm track included to practice along with. This course is written for a standard 10 string C6th tuning using 5 pedals and 1 knee lever. Price-w/cassette $29.95 plus shipping and handling.w/CD $35.00 plus s/h.
3.HWP-201 This is the more advanced C6th course which I recommend after you complete the HWP-200 course. This course contains runs and licks, chord progressions, scales, chord positions, optional knee lever possibilities, intros, 5 complete songs, plus much, much more. Price-w/cassette $32.95 plus shipping and handling. w/CD $38.00 plus s/h.
Both with CD.
$55.00 total shipped USPS Priority Mail.
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